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"An enema in corporations suffering from creative constipation."

(Company CEO.  Who, wisely, would prefer to remain anonymous ...)

I help clients get the best out of their creative partners....and themselves.

I am not a consultant.  I don't chart the course and then leave.  I stay from beginning to end.  Wherever the end may be.

Ostensibly, i work as my clients chief creative officer.

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Career. So Far.

Founded Lowe Bull South Africa, growing it into one of the world’s Top 50 creative agencies (Gunn Report), and one of the country’s largest Groups.   Sold it after 17 years.  Became CEO of Lowe London, UK’s 2nd largest agency, before becoming Global CCO for Lowe for 8 years.  Started The Bull-White House in New York, before becoming CCO of mcgarrybowen New York.  Founded SoloUnion end 2017.


Accolades:  Life time achievement award (Financial Mail), Lowe Bull Agency of the year 5 times, Lowe Adage Comeback agency of the year 2007, mcgarrybowen Ad Age comeback agency of the year 2016.   President Cannes Film Festival Radio 2011, Judge at Cannes Film, D&AD, One Show and numerous others.  Named as No 5 in Top 10 global CCO's by Campaign.


As owner, CEO, Global CCO, more than 70 Gold, Silver, Bronze Cannes Lions. 



Global Chief Creative Advisor ABINBEV ; Chief Creative Advisor Kraft Heinz. Chief Creative Advisor Live Kindly. Board of Skullcandy.  Member of Marketing Academy of the USA, mentoring young advertising and marketing professionals.

Pedro Earp Global CMO ABINBEV

"Before we get too bullish believing our own bullshit, we call Matthew"

Miguel Patricio CEO Kraft Heinz.

Matthew has been absolutely critical in improving our creative capabilities.  he has made us more strategic, more courageous, bolder, much more connected with culture.

Matthew is provocative, inspiring and very approachable.  i would say he has been an essential part in our journey to build a culture of creativity.

Mick Van Ettinger Global CMO LIve Kindly

"Human, sharp, demanding, energetic, bold, no-nonsense."

Richard Oppy Vice President global brands abinbev 

"Influential, candid, inspiring supportive."

carlos abrams-rivera president kraft heinz usa

"Relentless Provocateur Seeking Greatness."

javier martin marketing director intuit

"The best creative advertiser since sliced bread".


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.