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Cannabis, new creative gadgets and Lee Clow. Plus a review on three pieces of work.

China Shop Note Feb 2019.

The Cannabis Clash is going big league this weekend with the debut of a 2 minute Spike Jonze film for Medmen – I visited one of their shops in Los Angeles and to me they are the first true mass consumer facing brand I have seen.To my mind there is no doubt that this cannabis snowball is never going to stop rolling, so to speak. I’m told the Jonze film is a work of art.

Samsung released their new phones this weekend – but the one I promise you will attract the most attention with be the Samsung Fold. It’s costly, but looks like a remarkable piece of tech – and consumers are crying out for design difference as much as they are performance difference in gadgets nowadays.

And on that not about Gadgets – check out the DJI Osmo Pocket which is the most incredible 4K mini camera. You could undoubtedly shoot a commercial with it – it’s technical features and qualities are unbelievable.

In other news, Walmart has taken on-line ad sales in house. I’m sorry but to me this really makes sense – they will get much more leverage with media brands and I believe can create a more productive environment for this skill set, which is very date driven. WPP are reaping what they have sown.

Lee Clow retires. A bloody legend. He cared about the work and the people and the brands. And he made work people loved and built an agency people loved to work at. A great human. Nothing more to say.


Ikea. 8.5/10

How’s this for a brilliant idea to promote the opening of a new totally sustainable store.

Ford. 5/10 Well, all a bit gimmicky to me and I don’t really get the product or brand promise except maybe that Ford are trying to stop us having fun in bed….

Still, at least it’s fresh and different and has people interested. Something Ford hasn’t managed to do much of with their advertising. More proof that brands are happier to take risks when they have nothing to lose.

Calvin Klein. 6/10

It’s a cool song and a cool music film and beneath it all a good idea for Calvin Klein with “I Dare You”. But actually it’s all a bit tame. But maybe the campaign will grow form here.

Finally. Visited quite a few creative partners for a client of mine over the last week or so. Some terrific shops are out there and it feels like the creative spirit and renaissance is coming back. However, often with the work we found that there is a whole lot of executing without a strategy out there. Or, as bad, an execution explaining the strategy.

Form and substance always lasts longer.

Until next time, keep creating.

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