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The Power of A Brand's Soul.

Like a human being, people fall and stay in love with brands not merely because of the tangible, but also because of the SOUL.

Google “Soul/brand/company" and watch as headline after headline pops up talking about how this or that company and brand has lost its soul.

At SoloUnion, we help you rediscover that soul and then articulate it in a way that resonates in today’s world.

It’s not easy. It takes lots of in-depth research, conversations with people from yesterday and today. And so often we find the truth, or soul, of a brand lies in the very beginning. And that consumers don’t leave brands, rather brands leave consumers - they change their core behavior, their principles, in order to try and remain flavor of the day, month....minute.

The trick is to create a strategy that makes that brand feel comfortable in today's clothing without betraying what it really is. And then a creative idea and voice that articulates that. This requires both rigor and ingenuity.

The attached article does a pretty good job of summarizing SOUL and the importance of it.

If your brand or company has lost its true voice - both internally and externally - if it's lost its mojo, its vigor, its vitality, the chances are what it's actually lost is its soul.

We can help you, and then the consumer, rediscover it.

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