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Why, oh why, am i so great.

I believe in my abilities. And I know what my abilities are. I worked out pretty early on in my career that HR and finance were not good career choices. 

I am great at creating an environment within which people are propelled forward into creating a body of work unmatched by anything they have done before - both clients and the people that work for me.

I foster an atmosphere of brutal fun. People always know where they stand with me. People always know where their work stands with me. 

I am an intolerant of incompetence but I embrace experimentation and therefore the failure that often comes with it. To me failure shows you the way – always. It also reveals character – the character of a person, the character of a brand, the character of an idea.

Coke, for example, has a lot of character – how many other brands would have survived the health kick the world is on…..or “New Coke”.

Jobs had character.

Belichick has character.

The New York Times has character.

The Dixie Chicks have character.

But the “brutal” part of the fun is the most important. The brutal part is smashing the idea down at the same time lifting the person whose idea it was, up. You do that by reminding them, and yourself, that people have feelings, but ideas don’t. You get them to look at the idea as an inanimate object something they made, not something that makes them.

It’s more than just honesty – because sometimes honesty can corrupt, debilitate. It’s positive honesty. “Your work is dog shit but you are precious”.

I am great because I believe that every single person I have hired is a testament to my ability as a leader. And therefore it’s my job to nurture them, to help them grow and prosper. Much like one does with an idea.

I am great because I value every single person that works with me – I don’t give a damn what their discipline is, I know - and they feel - they are a vital part of what it is we do at my company, whichever company that is.

I am great because I believe in what I do and what I stand for. I believe in the power of creativity to positively transform peoples live – on every level.

I am great because I am not afraid to be challenged by people – I am not afraid to be wrong.

I am great because although I talk a great game, I play a great game too.

I am great because I am loyal to a fault – something I discovered once when I was young and disloyal to myself.

I am great because I know, with all my heart, that I am not as great as I could be, that I must get better.

And I also know there are many things I will never be great at.

Now, why don’t you write about how great you are?

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